So, let's get started

Since 1992 I have been prescribed a multitude of narcotic pain pills. If you can name it, chances are, at one time or another I've held a script for it. Do they work? ... yes... and no. Pretty much all of the substances WILL help your pain.... but at what expense? 

Let me fill you in....
Taking opiates will manage your pain just fine, if your daily activities only involve sitting on the couch watching TV.... or maybe laying in bed all day. Two AWESOME activities you have no problem doing while on opiates!! These "legally" prescribed drugs turn me into a zombie, a shell of my former self. I can't think, or carry on a constructive conversation while under their influence. Hell, I have a hard time making my way to the bathroom while taking them.

Here's the rub...
I still work a full time job that requires my mental abilities. Being an opiate zombie isn't conducive to my work day. I may be a "light weight" but I don't feel under control enough to climb in my car and drive to work while taking my prescriptions. So I don't take them.... I don't even get them filled anymore. Cannabis has been my pain management for years now... So I'm a criminal.

I'm not going to sit here and say that inhaling the raw combusted product of a plant is "good" for you. I will say that, in my mind, it is SOOO much better than my opiate alternative. There are however many different ways to introduce cannabis to the human body that are better for you than smoking the herb. My favorite is a glycerine based tincture, 2 milliliters taken sublingually (under the tongue) starts my day most days. Another favorite is cooking with cannabis. Making "cannabutter" allows you to introduce cannabis to your body by simply using the cannabutter in place of "butter" in anything you cook. I'll post a crash course in making "quality" cannabutter in the next several days or weeks.

There you have it, I'm a criminal on several different fronts. The Government finds me a criminal for: 

  • Cultivation of this plant
  • Possession of this plant material
  • The medicinal use of this amazing plant
  • Providing sick people with medicine derived from this plant
  • ...and many others
It's not fiction but FACT, this plant has been considered medicine in almost every culture on this planet for thousands of years. Greed (money), Government bureaucracy, Racism, and bold faced lies led to the banning of both Hemp and Marijuana with the passing of the 1937 Marijuana Stamp Act. It's time to revisit this issue and give people the freedom to use this plant to the benefit of all mankind.

...and cannabis for all


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